Dreams With Feathers 

written, edited Kitoko Diva
installations video, short film, photographies
15 minutes

A questioning on communities deconstructing and reconstructing identity representation marked by unreconciled traumas of colonialism and slavery. Investigating histories of traditions and culture creating new narratives countering critical sense of loss.

A layered multimedia narrative of photographies, videos, audios and words encapsulating the experiences of the Mardi Gras Indians community in New Orleans, Louisiana USA. A sensory experience of nostalgia and delight. 

Back in 1750s, many enslaved Africans fled to the bayous of Louisiana where they encountered Native Americans who helped them hide from their masters. Ever since, they’ve gone by the name of Mardi Gras Indians, masking as Indians to pay them hommage and adopting the local native American culture and rituals. They organize in tribes across the city and dress up with magical handmade costumes when it’s time for Mardi Gras season. Traditions and culture are transmitted religiously from generation to generations until this day. What was once a social statement against racist repression and gratitude, has become a festivity of creativity, freedom and celebration of blackness. 

Mix Media Medium
15 Photographies, video Installation
[Dryades & II]
A/V installation performance
15 minutes
Creation Date
June 2019 - May 2020 (Version revisited )

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