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The Starting Point (17-18)
Chapter I
On the Other Eartpp. 25-

[I come to you as the myth] - 

written, edited Kitoko Diva
type : 3D interractive video installation
music : CKTRL
time : 4.30 minutes 

work in progress- delivery september 2022
 Travel (pp. 17-18)


Adaptation version of the project for small display 

All-encompassing darkness

stimulus to national014

Prospects of the Race
2017 — Lib

Worlds Innumerable — MankindsArtiste : Kitoko Diva (Diva Muanza) Titre : [I come to you as the myth] Type d’oeuvre : installation vidéo 3D interactive - 5 ecrans date : 2022 durée : 4’30 min bande sonore : CKTR

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