The Starting Point (17-18)
Chapter II


On the Other Eartpp. 25-

[I come to you as the myth]

Chapter I
Interstellar Travel (pp. 17-18)


apter Iesert of darkness and fire

All-encompassing darkness

The new invention
1937 — 201

The Other Earth

The Diversity of Worlds
2017 — 201

stimulus to national014

Prospects of the Race
2017 — Libero

Worlds Innumerable — Mankinds
As a response to traumas & alienation, humans can grow fascination for the interconnectedness of artefacts; an interest that lies in the search of threads that would interweave various clues that could be re-interpreted, re-played or re-made to create a sense of existence. 

Those clues are spread like stars in a sea of blackness. They can be found in this transcending, far away place, where there is no use for land and gravity, but reterritorialization and hope for the altered destiny.

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