artist . film director . cinematographer

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[The Black Man in the Cosmos]

full dome & multi-channel screen installations video
color video, installation, surround sound 
18 minutes

      full-dome installation display, Cardiff (Wales, UK 2021)

“There’s a connection between music,space and the future.
The cosmos is the answer.”
Introduction (part. 2)
The installation links animations, photographies and archive materials with the incendiary here and now, blending mythology and historical narrative.


    Artis Planetarium (Amsterdam, Netherland, 2022) 


On th

[I come to you as the myth]

3D interractive, five channel video installation, sculptur
color video, installation, surround sound
music by CKTRL
4 minutes 30  

As a response to traumas and alienation humans can grow fascination for the interconnectedness of artefacts; an interest that lies in the search of threads that would interweave various clues that could be re-interpreted, re-played or re-made to create a sense of existence.

                                                                                                                  virtual mock-up


                                                                     adaptation version of the installation for smaller display

Photographie : Kevin Nicholas

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